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What to expect from Genuine Toyota brake service at Conicelli Toyota of Conshohocken

Knowing just how important brakes are to your Toyota, Conicelli Toyota of Conshohocken's expert technicians will check the brake pads or shoes and the discs or drums. We're looking for the amount of brake material left because safe braking requires a certain thickness, as does the Pennsylvania State Inspection requirement. If the thickness of your pads or shoes is not up to specifications, we'll alert you and talk to you about your options.

Keep in mind that brakes, whether disc or drum type, are always replaced in pairs for even braking power and even wear. That means we'll recommend replacing either both front brakes or both rear brakes. And, of course, we only use Genuine Toyota brakes and related parts, for optimum performance on your vehicle.

If we find unusual wear patterns or scratching or scoring, we'll diagnose the issue to find out what's causing the wear. We'll discuss the problem with you and recommend the best solution.

Above all, at Conicelli Toyota of Conshohocken's Service Department, we will always speak with you about exactly what's right and what's wrong, and what it will take to fix it.